Yellowstone Season 6: Everything We Know About the Dutton Family

Yellowstone season 5 is off to a bad start

Who wouldn't want to know if fans are getting episodes filled with beautiful Montana scenery, hot ranchers riding horses, and of course, Dutton family drama.

Apparently the fifth season isn't going to end for a while, so there's still a lot to know about Season 6

Will this stop us from speculating? no at all! By the time Yellowstone Season 6 rolls around, that's all we know about it.

First of all, is Yellowstone getting a season 6?

I hate to say it, but as of November 2020, they haven't told us about a sixth season announcement.

Season 5 taking place a whole month after the Season 4 finale? No renewal has been announced yet. has not been done.

The show is hugely popular and looks like its viewership is on the rise