Yellowstone season 6 and beyond possibilities addressed by Rip actor

Rip actor Cole Hauser assures Season 6 prospects at Yellowstone and beyond that the current season won't be the show's last.

As the show prepares for its return, Rip actor Cole Hauser addresses opportunities for Season 6 of Yellowstone and beyond.

The Paramount Network series revolving around the Dutton family and how they maintain control of the largest ranch in Montana received positive review ratings.

Kevin Costner leads the ensemble cast of Yellowstone with Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser and Gil Birmingham.

With just one week left until the show's return, everyone tuned into the Yellowstone Season 5 premiere event.

When asked if the upcoming season will be the end of the hit series, Rip actor Cole Hauser assured that "this is not the last season".

Additionally, an executive in attendance at the event revealed that producer Taylor Sheridan was absent.