Art collectors, streetwear brands, and cultural icons converge in Florida for this week's Art Basel. 

The Miami-based retailer has repeatedly announced its partnership with Jordan Brand, 

 this time with Michael's own Air Jordan 13 version inspired by one of his favorite Jordan pastimes: sailing create.

SoleFly provides remarkable upper body alignment for couples. 

 The pockmarked panels remain, but replace the usual leather webbing with buttery suede.

This component is covered in a shade of powdery blue. 

It's a potential nod to the waters the six-time champion cruises in his spare time, 

 complemented by his soft gray hits that surround his signature hologram on the heel and form the fenders. 

I'm here. The neck has been changed to a creamy ripstop material. 

In terms of branding, you'll notice the tongue splits the branding between the Jordan emblem on the right and the SoleFly logo on the left.

Note that it will go on sale with the matching outfit from SoleFly on December 2nd and at select European retailers on December 3rd.