Sony releases the PlayStation 13 retrospective this Tuesday (2022). 

With the innovation, console players will be able to discover the most played games of the year, 

time spent in gameplay, and other information. Retrospective 2022 will also feature special Astro Bot avatars.

Will be updated by end of 2022 retrospective year Unlike Spotify, Deezer, Duolingo, etc. retrospectives, 

the PlayStation 2022 Retrospective will continue to count player data through the end of the year 

providing a more complete compilation of your games in 2022. 

The resource will be available to users until the 13th. January's

The data shown in the 2022 retrospective are: total play time, most played, 

 trophies won and the number of games downloaded on PlayStation Plus

this is only valid for those who are members of the service.