Directed by Harry Bradbeer and based on the work of Nancy Springer, 

Enola Holmes 2 follows the protagonist as she finds herself on the verge of closing down her detective agency. 

Then Bessie comes to her doorstep and asks Enola to find her "sister" Sarah Chapman. 

This leads us to a fictionalized version of what really happened in London. 

In this case, a woman working in a match factory developed phosphorus necrosis, 

or spongy jaws, due to the allotrope of white phosphorus in the matches. 

While in reality Bryant and May were at the center of the dispute, in the film Lyon is her match factory. 

As Enola attempts to unravel the web surrounding this particular sweatshop, 

she finds herself in the crosshairs of a ruthless cop named Grail. 

Left with no other choice, she turns to her friends and family for help. 

With H. Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), Edith, Eudria and of course Sherlock.