Title 2Mega Millions: Did Anyone Win Tuesday's $1.1 Billion Jackpot?

After a year of huge jackpots, lottery players are once again eyeing jackpots in excess of $1 billion.

Tuesday's Mega Millions winning numbers were 7-13-14-15-18 and Mega Ball 9. The Megaplier was 3. 25th time in a row. 

The jackpot has been rolling since the 10th. 14.

An estimated $1.1 billion jackpot is on the player's radar, an annuity prize that pays out over 29 years. 

Most winners want the money right away, and on Tuesday he will opt for the $568.7 million cash option. 

 In addition, a portion of the profits will be used for federal taxes and, in some areas, state taxes.

Last year saw a golden age of miniature lottery jackpots, including his record-breaking Powerball win of over $2 billion. 

The Mega Millions jackpot is only half that, but why not? The player faces dire odds of his 1 in 302.6 billion.

Recent changes to Mega Millions and Powerball have resulted in huge jackpots, winning most of the top 10 prizes since 2017.