In most cases, the prospect of an icon like Harrison Ford joining 

the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be cause for widespread celebration, 

but there was notable disagreement within the ranks when it was confirmed. 

acknowledge that the Star Wars icon and Indiana Jones have joined Captain America: New World Order.

Of course, the role of Thaddeus Ross has been played by William Hurt since 

the second installment of The Incredible Hulk series, 

with the Oscar-winning actor passing away needing a reprise. 

However, some fans call the double standard of late Hurt replacement as 

the #RecastTChalla movement simultaneously gains momentum, 

something Marvel has yet to explicitly address. 

Controversies aside, the idea of ​​Ford interacting with all-star superhero Anthony Mackie is a tantalizing trick, 

especially if he plans to take over exactly where his predecessor left off by how to create sporadic cameos in the MCU.