Brendan Fraser apologizes for causing a car accident in San Francisco 25 years ago while filming 'George of the Jungle'.

Fraser, who starred in the 1997 film The Bay, which caused confusion, recalled filming the scene along the bridge.

Mill Speaking at the Valley Film Festival in California on Thursday, he explained that although  driver believed a real person was suffering Did.

a dummy was used for the scene, the bridge "Disney has mannequins hanging from parachutes on posts.

Traffic stopped on both sides of the bridge," he told his SFGate. 

"My caravan was in the parking lot on the other side. I remember seeing the bridge."

Fraser continued, "There's a dummy skydiver hanging. But "Oprah" was cut. 

Because there was a special news report of a helicopter with a parachute hanging from the bridge.

Somebody's not getting permission, someone's got into trouble with the mayor's office.'

The actor ended with an apology, 'So I have no choice but to apologize for that. ."