son of former Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer, Adam Zimmer, has died. He was 38 years old.

His sister, Cory Zimmer White, confirmed his death on his Instagram account on Tuesday.

Adam Zimmer died Monday, she said. There was no reason.

"The kindest, sweetest, family-loving, sports-obsessed soul ever," wrote Zimmer White.

Adam Zimmer worked remotely as his analyst offensively for the Cincinnati Bengals 

 this season after spending his eight years with the Vikings under his father. 

When Mike Zimmer was laid off in his January, so were most of his employees.

Mendota Heights Police Capt. Wayne Wegener confirmed that authorities found the man dead Monday afternoon at the house near Vikings 

headquarters where Adam Zimmer lived after attending a welfare check.  

Wegener said there was nothing suspicious about the death and the investigation was turned over to the coroner to determine the cause.